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WARM HUGHES Newsletter
“Portfolios for Summer”
June 28 2022

Hi again!

The Summer Edition of Warm Hughes Newsletter is here. Not for a lack of trying, but I’ve decided to wait on publishing my Summer newsletter to give it a little more time to incubate.

Instead, today’s newsletter serves as a capsule to the detailed seasonal updates I’ve be doing (Spring Edition here); it’s a smaller, tailored preview of my work.

Today I’m sharing updated PDF portfolios of two of my areas of focus in commercial photography and directing - Interior/Exterior/Architecture - and a newly *minted* summary of - Still Life - work. I’ve been interested in furthering my work into both these buckets, and as always it’s a fun exercise to put these together. I hope you enjoy!

These will all findable under the /Index section of my site for future viewing. Please share widely to anyone who might find them useful.

View the Newsletter here

Spring 2022

An Area of Quietude

Warm Hughes Spring 2022 Edition Newsletter just went out to anyone subscribed, you can view it here. As promised, this newsletter offers something to be warmed by - so here I am dropping some photographs of flowers (and other natural things) from the past year, also just in time for Earth Day.

I also talk about the salient Japanese idiom “mono no aware” and share some recent commisioned work. 

If you’d like to receive the next, subscribe at the bottom of my info page. You can also DM me your info and I’ll manually add you.

March 1 2022

Whatever The Weather Album Artwork
Ghostly International

Molly over at Ghostly Int. came through again with another fun collaboration around the newest release from North London producer Loraine James. With Justin Sloane again behind layouts, I’m so hyped to see my images of landscapes worked into this venue again.

Take a moment to hear out some of the tracks on all streaming platforms, especially Loraine’s Bandcamp. Very fun to have friends around the world recognizing my image from Antarctica on the cover too, thanks Gee!

Winter 2021/22

Daydreaming… of a corner of light to be consumed by so I can hibernate into the spring.

Warm Hughes 20/21 Winter Edition Newsletter just went out to anyone subscribed, you can view it here. If you’d like to receive the next, subscribe in the bottom of my info page. Or DM me your info and I’ll manually add you.

In 2022, I’m excited to say that there’s so much to be working towards. I hope to announce a few of these new endeavors in the coming newsletters. I’ve collected some of the highlights in commissioned and personal work from last year in the newsletter, and they can also be enjoyed by scrolling through posts here. 

Peace and warmth to you in this new and bewildering year!

Ren’s 3rd Birthday

cold winter breeze and warm autumn sun
connected to the same reality by the same line
cuteness compounding with each passing moon
circling and twirling is your favorite
and you just made a car to drive where you want
chubby chubby
bold undeterred love
crafting your own home where you go
this time means more every year
birth of happiness, birth of my fatherhood, birth of our forever family
embracing our unknowns
we love you Ren Zenith