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Ren’s 3rd Birthday
cold winter breeze and warm autumn sun
connected to the same reality by the same line
cuteness compounding with each passing moon
circling and twirling is your favorite
and you just made a car to drive where you want
chubby chubby
bold undeterred love
crafting your own home where you go
this time means more every year
birth of happiness, birth of my fatherhood, birth of our forever family
embracing our unknowns
we love you Ren Zenith

FALL 2021

The latter side of fall is the most bittersweet time of the year. I’m welcoming a beginning and feeling a longing for what’s slipping away. There’s plenty of good things to go around, the pandemic feels like it’s becoming a distant memory, and I can see both my daughters grow every day. Time escapes me, flowing and seeping, here for a moment then suddenly evaporated. I close my eyes and let myself listen to hear it passing. I see a sliver that glistens in a static suspension behind my eyelids seemingly so near, yet when I reach out it holds a distance - like the midnight horizon - I am fooled again.


2021 Commisions

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Casper Hyperlite

Genesis House NYC

The Lido for The Golfer’s Journal


What I’ve been listening to

WINTER 2020/21

Writing this as the 2020 has just closed out and my partner and I are a week away from the birth of our second daughter, Aila Ruby. A recap - a letter to myself of sorts - and a wish for 2021.

First, my experience through the year despite the difficulties, was given meaning and grounding only because of fatherhood. It was a time for learning to father myself really, understanding the power of discipline, structure, planning – things that I’d consider myself an amatuer at ¯_(ツ)_/¯

I was pretty terrible at being creative, all that energy had been vacuumed out of my life and leaving space for lots of other things. It was a nice change of perspective, and painful as well. Meaning is a bottomless pit, and the last few years plumbing its depths resulted in a lot of awareness but also a realization that ‘meaning’ is a subjective fiction. What I’m saying is that ‘meaning’ (the “what does this all mean?”) changes depending on a variety of factors, a symbol akin to money; seeking it out begets more seeking. Now that I have children, that insatiable quest has found grounding.

Instead, I reconnected with a lot of processes locally - surfing, golfing, yoga, and sleep. Aila’s middle name came to me when I was out walking and saw the crimson red tips of leaves on a tree. People might hate on 2020, but I think of it as my great awakening to this new life I find myself in, needing to warm to the fact that I am a father of two trying to balance all the things this life has for me. “Aila” means “from a place of strength”, a reminder that I can swallow my insecurities if I choose to, embody the divine masculine, and rest in that without need to escape....whew. A tall order I promise!

Onto the work :: I was commisioned a couple times this year for projects that were perfectly suited for me, a highlight professionally. One I want to show is the series from “Costa Rica” for Deparures Magazine. It was a surreal experience to travel, somewhere tropical nonetheless, during a pandemic while the destination itself was seemingly emptied of activity. It harkened back to the times I would get on a plane in college, when those international jetsets were truly savored. I was joined by the writer John Bowe who brought a saviness to the trip with his charisma, wit, and pro Spanish-speaking skill.

I came prepared with waterproof bag and shoes, three dozen rolls of portra 120, and not much else. Covering that much ground required me to be light. I would say we were wet about 80% of the trip, and keeping my gear dry required a box of rice and dehumidifier every night. Nine days total, four locations across the country, a raft over rapids, and an overnight hike up to the crater of Arenal. Truly unforgettable.

Thank you to Scott Hall @ Travel & Leisure for this commision, John Bowe for being another perspective in the experience, and everyone at Black Tomato and Costa Rica for coordinating.

As for the other work, collaborations with other creative teams sustained me, namely Elizabeth and Garrett @GEO and their client, Mario and his creative team at Hugo & Marie, Simon at Opto, Kojo at Golfer’s Journal, and Molly over at Ghostly Int. Thank you all!

My wish for 2021? I hope to find more ease with fears, projections, and doubts. I hope to see our friends more, find new ways to connect with myself and the earth, and that my family continues its string of good health.

I’m setting up a link on my info page to find time to connect with people. If you’re interested, please signup by going here.

Some of what I listened to most this year:
Happy New Year ︎

2020 10 08

The other day I felt the need to be recognized so I stood up in the light of the sun and immediately felt what I desired.

This moment was made more poignant when paired with the quote from Italo Calvino in ending his story about the city of Isadora - “desires are already memories”. I see this quote on a @kristintexeira painting every time I visit her home.

Even though it’s sublime to say the sun recognized me when I was in need, I’m dually aware that recognizing myself is my real truth.

In a way, desires seem to cheapen the reality of who we are and what we feel. In our lives we eventually arrive at a city built on the dissatisfaction of ourselves, colored in hues of romantic utopian dreams. While we might continue living in our dreams until we come of age, eventually we recognize that all that lays before us is the city we live in, the bounty of ourselves. We already are the city that we desired when we were young.

FALL 2020

Two years in the making, I’m moving this newsletter into more of a journal format. I just wanna mess around, and it feels roomier here with less pressure. The portfolio site built by ExtPlay was fitting for the two years I used it, but the move here is necessary as a parent of one (and soon to be two!). I’ll miss the bespoke presentation - but for the near future this site will allow me more flexibility. Maybe I can revive the older one down the road sometime.

Getting into it: is 2020 almost over? Anyone else feel like Time continues it’s liminal slide into an ever increasing stacato-like pace year over year? I feel a renewed sense of self in the face of it all. Could be the therapy, the season, or maybe just because I’ve been full-time dad life.  

This has been my slowest year to date with photography and directing, only shooting one project a couple weeks ago since quarantine began in March. The hiatus is welcome but now getting uncomfortably numb. We continue to stay put here in Brooklyn despite seeing multiple people on surrounding blocks packing moving trucks at the end of each month. August of next year we might be one of them. 

Until then, I’m catching waves out in the Rockaways whenever I can and focusing on new endeavors in the studio. Also my kid is potentially the best thing that could have ever happened to us; her constant happiness and unfallible energy is a reminder that if I’m aware of my abilities to be a great father to her, all of that wolesomeness also flows back into myself and hopefully the world too. As any parent will tell you now, this year has been especially rough on us all, so any moments of freedom for myself are especially welcomed and enjoed.

Here’s what I’ve been seeing over the summer - peace and wellness out there whichever way the wind is moving you

Listening to: