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Ongoing since 2016

Home For Now is photography and writing project that explores the theme of waiting that takes place in the famous New York City Harbor. In this place everyone is coming and going, neither at point A or point B, heading in one direction, timeless. The boat and its journey represents a transient dreamworld full of people who are waiting.

Observing over time how people relate with their surroundings reveals a lot about the secret inner world we all possess, and for me, offers more questions than answers. The people I photograph are soaked in this space, connected to something greater.

In this time of sitting idle, everything becomes timeless. We close our eyes, take in the ocean breeze, listen to the sound of the hull meeting the water; a reality void of expectation and structure. Time is funny in this way - our perception of it changes repeatedly based on context. During the pandemic for example, I noticed at times I would have a kind of non-linear experience of time, feeling as if I was in a loop with all days enmeshing with the next such that all days became years and hours became minutes. When time stands still it creates respite, but when time races, anxiety prevails. The moment continues and we are caught in its wake.

This journey on the ferry exists similarly in airplanes. Up there, detached from the ground, away from the structure of everyday. There’s a lack of hurry and an abundance of time. Then in an instant, we’re thrust back to earth again, complete with the all the things we left on the ground. This is how it goes every time you step onto the ferry. This liminal space provides enough time to notice as well as produce some impatient sort of anxiety for what’s ahead. It goes back and forth across the harbor, 24 hours a day, holding a quiet space for all those who will experience a complete journey of waiting.