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2020 10 08

The other day I felt the need to be recognized so I stood up in the light of the sun and immediately felt what I desired.

This moment was made more poignant when paired with the quote from Italo Calvino in ending his story about the city of Isadora - “desires are already memories”. I see this quote on a @kristintexeira painting every time I visit her home.

Even though it’s sublime to say the sun recognized me when I was in need, I’m dually aware that recognizing myself is my real truth.

In a way, desires seem to cheapen the reality of who we are and what we feel. In our lives we eventually arrive at a city built on the dissatisfaction of ourselves, colored in hues of romantic utopian dreams. While we might continue living in our dreams until we come of age, eventually we recognize that all that lays before us is the city we live in, the bounty of ourselves. We already are the city that we desired when we were young.