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FALL 2020

Two years in the making, I’m moving this newsletter into more of a journal format. I just wanna mess around, and it feels roomier here with less pressure. The portfolio site built by ExtPlay was fitting for the two years I used it, but the move here is necessary as a parent of one (and soon to be two!). I’ll miss the bespoke presentation - but for the near future this site will allow me more flexibility. Maybe I can revive the older one down the road sometime.

Getting into it: is 2020 almost over? Anyone else feel like Time continues it’s liminal slide into an ever increasing stacato-like pace year over year? I feel a renewed sense of self in the face of it all. Could be the therapy, the season, or maybe just because I’ve been full-time dad life.  

This has been my slowest year to date with photography and directing, only shooting one project a couple weeks ago since quarantine began in March. The hiatus is welcome but now getting uncomfortably numb. We continue to stay put here in Brooklyn despite seeing multiple people on surrounding blocks packing moving trucks at the end of each month. August of next year we might be one of them. 

Until then, I’m catching waves out in the Rockaways whenever I can and focusing on new endeavors in the studio. Also my kid is potentially the best thing that could have ever happened to us; her constant happiness and unfallible energy is a reminder that if I’m aware of my abilities to be a great father to her, all of that wolesomeness also flows back into myself and hopefully the world too. As any parent will tell you now, this year has been especially rough on us all, so any moments of freedom for myself are especially welcomed and enjoed.

Here’s what I’ve been seeing over the summer - peace and wellness out there whichever way the wind is moving you

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